Temco Engineered Products offers many different types of Production Services.

  1. Die Casting

    Prince die cast machines w/450-600 lbs of tonnage

    - In-house Die Cast Mold Design and Fabrication
    - cold chamber injection using 369 and 380 Aluminum
    - 12”x 15” unit dies
    - trim presses, secondary machining, welding, and assembly of die cast parts
  2. Stamping

    Various presses with 5 thru 275 ton capacity

    - Progressive, blank, form, draw, and single operation dies
    - Mechanical as well as pneumatic assembly operations
    - Turret press capability
    - Blanking and forming, Die Design, and Fabrication upon request
  3. Fabrication

    Custom weldment fabrication as well as production weldment fabrication facilities. Capacities: steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Tig welding as well as mig welding in all materials.

  4. Engineering

    Temco offers custom engineering and new product design backed by its forty years experience as an OEM supplier to the Heavy Truck Industry and ISO 9001:2008 compliance.

    -Full-service Engineering & Testing
    -Rapid prototyping
    -Cad key and Solid works Computer Aided Design and Drafting
    -Ongoing value engineering & cost reduction 
  5. Product Testing

    Temco offers a variety of testing including product validation, product testing including PPAP, control plans and work instruction, new product development and in process inspection.

  6. CNC Machining

    10 CNC lathes and mills
    - Vertical milling with travels of 24”x24” working envelope
    - CNC turning in diameters from 1-4”
    - Master Cam programming for all processes
    - Screw machine capability to 1” diameter
  7. Production Welding

    Custom Weldment and Production Fabrication
    -Certified Welding with TIG and MIG 
    -Specialized welding of aluminum
    -Welding of mild and stainless steel with GMAW, FCAW, and GTAW
    -Computerized, digital welding equipment
    -Extensive documented procedures & records
    -Continuous welder performance evaluation and training
  8. Rapid Prototyping/Tooling

    Temco has a staff of skilled tool and die makers 
    - In house tooling and fixtures
    - Journeyman tool makers
    - CNC, Lathe, and EDM capabilities
    - Prototype Machining
    - Master Cam Computer Aided Machining
    - Custom Designed Equipment
  9. Tube Bending

    Tube bending capabilities 
    -½”- 2” diameter aluminum tubing capacity
    -Secondary operations on punch presses and hydraulic forming